Backup and copy Time Machine folder with SuperDuper!

Last Tuesday it was SuperDuper! Tuesday. SuperDuper! is now Leopard compatible.
Presumably due to a lot of changes in the HFS+ file system SuperDuper! was no longer Leopard compatible. The Shirt Pocket Blog has been an entertaining read for the last couple of months. Especially so the comments. I pitied Dave.

Anyway now I can use SuperDuper! again.

Since I just bought a Maxtor OneTouch 1TB machine, I gave SuperDuper! 2.5 a test spin. Just to see if it works, I tried to copy my Time Machine Backup from my OneTouch 500 MB to the other drive. As you may know you cannot just do a file copy. That will not work. Complicated stuff and all.

Copy Time Machine to another external drive

The following routine worked for me. Thanks to Dave for a hint about the restore part.

Tm clone with SD

  1. Disable Time Machine.
  2. Start SuperDuper! and select the script Copy user data and edit that one. Remove the item /User and add the Backups.backupdb folder. You can find this one under /Volumes/diskname . Add that one.
  3. Do a smart backup from that external using the new script. Put it in any location you like.
  4. Mount the new image and start SuperDuper!
  5. Do a copy from that image to the new external hard disk, but make sure you do “Use Copy Newer Files” to the new external hard disk. See the screenshot.
  6. Select the new backup disk in time Machine preferences.
  7. Enable Time Machine

Surely you must be able to do this with Disk Utility as well. SuperDuper! is a bit easier IMO.

SuperDuper! saved me once when a hard disk failed. So I was a huge fan of SuperDuper! But this is a cool feature as well.

2 Responses to Backup and copy Time Machine folder with SuperDuper!

  1. Al says:


    No way. I have SD! and also CCC 3.x.
    Disk Utility is brain-dead easiest.
    No need to select script, edit, remove items, add folders… You kidding?

    Use Disk Utility, click Restore, drag old TM to source, drag new TM disk to destination, click erase destination and go. End of problem.

  2. Stu says:

    I’ve had issues with permissions that prevented a successful copy of Time Machine using Disk Utility. If a single file has incorrect permissions the copy/paste will fail. SuperDuper saved the day.

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