Give me Little Snitch Advanced rules please

December 28, 2007

I just read the following Blog entry: Lies, Lies and Adobe Spies which mentioned Omniture cookies.

So I decided to block that domain.

Applications besides browsers seem to use A quick search on Google showed a lot more applications using that spying domain than I expected. This means that disabling those cookies in your browsers is not good enough. So I tried to deny all access to with a Little Snitch rule.

Deny access

This does not work however if you allow an application unrestricted access. In my case FireFox is allowed to do pretty much everything. And by design Little Snitch considers this a more specific rule which has precedence. It would be nice if Little Snitch would add Global rules for these kind of use cases.

This makes me pine for my old Sygate Personal firewall still running flawlessly on my old Windows machine. In Sygate you could have Advanced rules overriding the application rules.
As a workaround I created an entry in hosts like this: Hopefully advanced rules of some sort will be added to Little Snitch, because altering your hosts table for this is just stupid.

Farewell iGTD, welcome OmniFocus

December 4, 2007

I recently pre-ordered OmniFocus and started using it for actions, projects, contexts and other stuff . An actvity which I previously tackled with iGTD.

I was sort of happy with iGTD, but I had always issues with syncing. Regularly I had to interfere in task and calendar conflicts. More on Leopard than on Tiger. I was never certain why I had those conflicts. Additionally iGTD always felt a bit crude. So I decided to actively switch to OmniFocus. I had played a bit with OmniFocus already the last five months, but not used it actively.

I have used OmniFocus for two full weeks now.
I don’t regret it! Syncing with iCal, Mail (without MailTags) and my Palm is faultless, a much better experience than with iGTD.
The OmniFocus user-experience is also much better. The sidebar in project mode can contain folders and I really appreciate that extra structuring option.

Task notes and calendars were always taking way to much screen estate in iGTD. They are not visible in OmniFocus unless you want them to.
And I am really getting used to typing friday, tomorrow, today or next week in the Action field. I don’t need no stinking calendar!

Outline in planning mode is a nice overview of your projects, a feature which I haven’t found in iGTD and which I deemed unnecessary. But I started to use it for the big picture progress overview. Not GTD I guess, but still damn handy.

Leopard coolness: Attachments in actions can be opened with Quicklook!!

OmniFocus and Quicklook

Eye candy in my opinion, but nice nonetheless.

One thing I miss from iGTD is the automatic syncing. As far as I know OmniFocus can only do this manually, a thing which I often forget.

iGTD was a nice application, but I haven’t really missed it since embracing OmniFocus.