Will Mcast.fm become the Dutch Jott?

May 22, 2008

Mcast.fm as a GTD capture tool.
Recently Mcast.fm went beta. Mcast.fm is a service which enables podcasts over your phone. When you call a number, podcasts are streamed to you.
Perhaps great for some people, but not for me. I’m happy with my iTunes, iPod and ice>Link plus setup.

But a feature which you cannot easily find on the site is a dictation like feature. Call the number, press #0 , start talking, and close with #.
And auto-magically an MP3 is added to your personal feeds on Mcast.fm.


You can also see these memo’s on a RSS reader like iGoogle.

Mcast Feed

In my love for GTD, I have the Moleskine inbox when walking around, which I later transfer to a Omnifocus inbox. But I’m still missing the feature to put something in my inbox when driving my car. Or anyplace where I cannot easily write.
I wrote about Jott in GTD with your phone. This service is unavailable where I live.

Can Mcast.fm become this service? It will need speech recognition and some more.
If they will add this they will have a paying customer in me, when they charge for this. For now I will use Mcast.fm as a dictation service, which is a bit better than using your own voicemail….

I really hope they will explore this potential..

GTD with your phone

July 9, 2007

Currently I’m digging GTD a lot. I see this working for me. Just noticed the Circle Six Design application Jott2iGTD How handy is that? Wow!
Great when your in your car. Call Jott. Speak note to yourself and hoopla. So I decided to give it a spin. Jott2IGTD needs a Jott account….

Bummer. US and Canada only.

Can’t wait for Jott to enter Europe…. I’ll be the first to sign up.