Blogging with WordPress and TextMate

July 31, 2007

Since I lost a large post last week, I decided to at least use a real editor for my posts. Since TextMate has the lovely blogging bundle as shown by Allan Odgaard in a nifty screencast I gave that a try. However it was not plug and play™ as I hoped.

Here are my experiences:

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Code snippets in WordPress with TextMate

July 30, 2007

When you want to display code snippets in WordPress you are faced with WordPress going smart on you. Even in [Code] view it will not let you enter code between <code></code> without stripping spaces and what have you. It would be nice if the visual editor did something with code.

There is a WordPress plugin Preserve code formatting However when your blog is hosted by that plugin is of no use.

I’ve heard of people posting code through an image. That seemed a bit bothersome to me. So I played around a bit and the following trick works for me:

Type or copy the code in TextMate and use Create HTML From Selection (With Line Numbers). This will create a completely unreadable (in my eyes) piece of HTML. Paste that (use the code view of WordPress) and voila. Spaces, tabs, <, > are all preserved. As can be seen in the following snippet

    1 <ServiceUsage>
    2     <OperationUsage>
    3         <ServiceName>AmazonS3</ServiceName>
    4         <OperationName>StandardStorage</OperationName>
    5         <UsageType>TimedStorage-ByteHrs</UsageType>
    6         <Resource>476de2a71aa5a476f84d48e4d61c980-default</Resource>
    7         <StartTime>07/01/07 00:00:00</StartTime>
    8         <EndTime>07/02/07 00:00:00</EndTime>
    9         <UsageValue>220303585632</UsageValue>
   10     </OperationUsage>
   11 </ServiceUsage> 

Only the <pre class=”textmate-source”> line will be converted to <pre>. I do not know why. The first “interceptor” you will be able to use for your CSS needs is :<span class=”text text_xml”>

I added the following line to CSS:

.text {
font:1.1em 'Courier New', Courier, Fixed;

Oh and do not use the integrated WordPress editor. That can really hurt if you overwrite your text per accident and the automatic save kicks in 😦

I lost my S3 blog because of that. So first I’m going to experiment with TextMate blogging facilities…

Dreamweaver CS3 and CSS

July 23, 2007

I recently noticed the following in Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 on the Mac:

When you have inline CSS in your (X)HTML file, you can select the <style> tag and Dreamweaver will give you the option Convert Inline CSS to Rule. Lovely! However if you don’t use that option and try again later, it is disabled. I found no way to enable it, except for restarting Dreamweaver.

I did a quick Google, but was not able to find information about this. Bug? Feature? Dreamweaver newby?

iGTD and OmniFocus again

July 11, 2007

I read in the MacSparky Blog about a nifty Applescript script. It transfers my iGTD stuff to OmniFocus.

It did not transfer everything. It had some issues. However I was able to play a bit with OmniFocus with some real data, which was nice.

Somehow I missed my due dates in the main window. However you can clearly see Merlin Mann’s influence in the un-distract-ifying way of life. It is there, you just have to enable it. If you look at the date in the Action you wonder how to change it. Hovering over it and a small calendar icon appears. Also a project does not seem to have a date. However hovering over it it is there.

But I’m not sure. Un-distract-ifying is all nice and dandy. But do I need it, if I decided to activate my OmniFocus window on my Mac? I already decide to have a look at is. So it may distract me. Actually hiding is more distracting to me. Perhaps I get used to it. For now I’m still leaning towards iGTD.

And OmniFocus needs a QuickSilver plugin. I don’t want another hot key, which does not add anything. I know you can immediately assign a project and context to it, but I don’t want that, since the inbox is fine by me. I can review it later.

to be continued…

GTD with your phone

July 9, 2007

Currently I’m digging GTD a lot. I see this working for me. Just noticed the Circle Six Design application Jott2iGTD How handy is that? Wow!
Great when your in your car. Call Jott. Speak note to yourself and hoopla. So I decided to give it a spin. Jott2IGTD needs a Jott account….

Bummer. US and Canada only.

Can’t wait for Jott to enter Europe…. I’ll be the first to sign up.