Give me Little Snitch Advanced rules please

December 28, 2007

I just read the following Blog entry: Lies, Lies and Adobe Spies which mentioned Omniture cookies.

So I decided to block that domain.

Applications besides browsers seem to use A quick search on Google showed a lot more applications using that spying domain than I expected. This means that disabling those cookies in your browsers is not good enough. So I tried to deny all access to with a Little Snitch rule.

Deny access

This does not work however if you allow an application unrestricted access. In my case FireFox is allowed to do pretty much everything. And by design Little Snitch considers this a more specific rule which has precedence. It would be nice if Little Snitch would add Global rules for these kind of use cases.

This makes me pine for my old Sygate Personal firewall still running flawlessly on my old Windows machine. In Sygate you could have Advanced rules overriding the application rules.
As a workaround I created an entry in hosts like this: Hopefully advanced rules of some sort will be added to Little Snitch, because altering your hosts table for this is just stupid.