Adobe Lightroom and the EXIF dates

February 21, 2008

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog entry about changing the Exif date in my photos. Adventures in Exif land.
Off course the big missing application which I did not try was Adobe Lightroom

When I downloaded the trial, to my big amazement I noticed a Find function on EXIF.

Find in EXIF

So I can select on the camera. Only those photos will be selected. Wow!

Then I noticed that I can edit the Metadata date.

Change Time in Lightroom

Even better if you notice the highlighted text: If you do a multiple select, Lightroom will change the date of the other photos relatively. Now that is really really smart. This is just what I need. A very nifty feature in my opinion.
It is a pity about the steep price of Adobe Lightroom. About €300. I guess it is worth it, but for just Exif editing, perhaps not.

So if you need this feature, Lightroom is a much better product than Aperture. Unless I completely missed that feature in Aperture.
Actually Lightroom feels to me a much more polished product.
What the hell was Apple thinking with those context sensitive menus in Aperture? They look completely different then anything else on Mac OS X.

Aperture menu