Fixing ACC “Preview site using profile” on Mac OS X

April 11, 2007

The Preview Site Using Profile functionality from the ACC does not work out of the box on Mac OS X. This is functionality which is really nice to have so you can preview the JSP page with a specific profile.

Because we are using the Linux installer on Mac OS X, I was unsure how the browser was started when you pressed preview. I did a global grep and noticed the containing the script to start the browser. This contains code to either startup Mozilla or Netscape. This will not work of course. So we need to change this. However before this can be done another step is needed.

Firefox new instance

Starting Firefox from the command line will not work if Firefox is already started. If somebody knows a way to open an already started Firefox with an URL I would really like to know.

Unknown to most people, but you can start Firefox for a second time with another Firefox profile.

To create a Firefox profile I did the folowing:

ls <firefox path>/

./firefox -Profilemanager
And created a new firefox profile. I named mine atg.


Then I altered the and added the following line

/<firefox path>/ -p atg ${1}

And behold: It just works™