I don’t need no stinking Apple TV

Getting the Dolby 5.1ch sound working from my PlayStation 3 to my Onkyo TX-SR805 receiver proved to be a bit more troublesome than I hoped for.
There is some configuration involved on the PS3 and on the Onkyo.
When I eventually got it working I examined the possibility of connecting my Mac with the PS3.

Boy was I in for some surprise. Medialink for Mac OS X, is an excellent piece of software.
Perhaps I was lucky, but after installing it, I could immediately browse (wireless btw) through my photos, movies and music.

Media Link on my television

I no longer see a reason to buy an Apple TV. The PS3 with Media Link does an excellent job. Perhaps not as pretty as the Apple TV, but it supports all major DRM free encodings.
Something which cannot be said for the Apple TV.

Renting movies through the Apple TV is not something I see happening any time soon here in The Netherlands. So I skip the Apple TV and embrace my PS3 for now.

When you compare the price of the PS3 (€ 399) to the Apple TV (€ 299) I am amazed how much power is packed into the PS3 (Console, Blu-ray player, MediaCentre) for a arguably better price.

5 Responses to I don’t need no stinking Apple TV

  1. Alex says:

    and… within the next couple of weeks a new version of the PS3 with bigger 160 GB HD and new prices! Even better!

  2. jonathangreenwood says:

    your convincing me that I need a PS3 😉

  3. grardy says:


    Does the PS3 pops up on the desktop as a harddrive on a wireless Apple network after installing Medialink so you can fill the harddrive of the PS3 with movies?

    Thanks 4 feedback!

  4. Ronald Pulleman says:

    @Grardy. It is one-way. So now the PS3 does not pop up.

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