OmniGraffle Stencil Chaos

My OmniGraffle stencils menu was getting a bit chaotic. One big long list. The default Omnigraffle stencils use sub-menus. For instance the business stencil sub-menu.
But all the downloaded ones just wound up in the main stencil menu.
So I created some sub folders inside ~/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils and dropped some of my stencils there.
It just worked ™.

I tried symbolic links to have one stencil in multiple sub-menu’s, but that does not work. So I wound up copying them.

This looks a bit nicer:

Omnigraffle Stencils


One Response to OmniGraffle Stencil Chaos

  1. olivier says:

    you’ve just saved my day. smart and simple. my own chaotic stencil panel was driving me nuts! thanks

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