iGTD and OmniFocus again

I read in the MacSparky Blog about a nifty Applescript script. It transfers my iGTD stuff to OmniFocus.

It did not transfer everything. It had some issues. However I was able to play a bit with OmniFocus with some real data, which was nice.

Somehow I missed my due dates in the main window. However you can clearly see Merlin Mann’s influence in the un-distract-ifying way of life. It is there, you just have to enable it. If you look at the date in the Action you wonder how to change it. Hovering over it and a small calendar icon appears. Also a project does not seem to have a date. However hovering over it it is there.

But I’m not sure. Un-distract-ifying is all nice and dandy. But do I need it, if I decided to activate my OmniFocus window on my Mac? I already decide to have a look at is. So it may distract me. Actually hiding is more distracting to me. Perhaps I get used to it. For now I’m still leaning towards iGTD.

And OmniFocus needs a QuickSilver plugin. I don’t want another hot key, which does not add anything. I know you can immediately assign a project and context to it, but I don’t want that, since the inbox is fine by me. I can review it later.

to be continued…

3 Responses to iGTD and OmniFocus again

  1. RobTrew says:

    I have now updated the iGTD to OmniFocus applescript at
    and it should now import everything. Please let me know if you any problems.

  2. Ronald Pulleman says:


    It threw no errors this time. I’m not sure if everything is copied over.

    I have a task which does not belong to a project but belongs to a context. I find this one after running the script in the inbox and not in the context. However if a task belongs to a project then it gets into the context added. This does not seem logical to me.

    However it is definitely much better. Thx

  3. macsparky says:


    It is really nice having a choice between iGTD and OmniFocus. For the last month I’ve been working exclusively in OmniFocus and must admit that I am not “up” on iGTD’s latest developments. They are very different and the fit really depends on how you use it. Regardless, as much of a Quicksilver junkie that I am, I find the quick entry for OmniFocus easier than Quicksilver entry for iGTD (at least as it worked a month ago) in that the OmniFocus automatically completes the field as you input so you are certain everything is right.


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