GTD with your phone

Currently I’m digging GTD a lot. I see this working for me. Just noticed the Circle Six Design application Jott2iGTD How handy is that? Wow!
Great when your in your car. Call Jott. Speak note to yourself and hoopla. So I decided to give it a spin. Jott2IGTD needs a Jott account….

Bummer. US and Canada only.

Can’t wait for Jott to enter Europe…. I’ll be the first to sign up.

2 Responses to GTD with your phone

  1. Are there any similar services available in Europe? I’m looking to expand the Jott2iGTD parser to handle other forms of input, so if you have a suggestion, I’m open to it!

  2. Ronald Pulleman says:

    SpinVox is the only one I am aware of. However this UK only, which is of no use to me.

    Pity us continentals 😦

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