Where is 16 Horsepower?

This morning when driving to work I wanted to listen to the latest MacCast podcast by Adam Christianson. I slided my iPod in the Dension Ice>Link selected Music>Artists and Adam was first in the list……

WTF? Some of my music is deleted!!!! Where is 16 Horsepower? or 10000 maniacs which always started annoyingly when I started the motor.

This really pissed me off, some music gone. Cannot trust my iPod or iTunes.

During the day I checked my iPod again. I’m not sure why I scrolled to the end…, but there were my missing artists. It seems that the new iTunes 7.3 changed the sort order. Why? Just for the iPhone?  It seems this confused not just me as can be read in the comments on iLounge.

Bad Apple! At least ask me.

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