OmniFocus and iGTD

I said in a blog entry that OmniFocus was not released so I could not try that. However a couple of weeks ago I signed up for the OmniFocus beta. Yesterday I got a mail that I could download the Alpha.

Reading the reviews it seems most people like it. Some are missing priorities. I’m not using that right now in iGTD so that’s fine by me.

What I immediately noticed is the uncluttered and simple interface OmniFocus presented. Just like OmniGraffle it feels natural. With inspectors you can manipulate the Actions, projects or context. But without the inspectors it presents such a simple interface. Only when doing the review step you will need the inspectors I guess.

See the difference?

OmniFocus and iGTD

I’m going to play a bit with it and see if it is really better than iGTD.

One Response to OmniFocus and iGTD

  1. mark says:

    hello…. any further thoughts, regarding OmniFocus vs. iGTD?

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