Little ATG annoyances

I’m a complete ATG newbie. So perhaps some stuff is due to my inexperience, but things which seem odd to me:

Eclipse ATG plugin

When doing the New ATG Module in Eclipse a manifest is created with


There is a double DAS entry there.


I missed the create J2EE application under the ACC. It seems this is only available if you use DAS. Since I’m using JBoss, this is not available. Why is this?

More items are missing in the ACC. Well the ACC is going the way of the mammoth I guess.


Positive: It seems that Dynamusic from Developing ATG Applications is going to work. The Solid SQL script creating the Dynamusic tables was accepted by MySQL (after removing the drop statements). At least the first chapter worked. Although you have to use Eclipse in stead of the ACC.

One Response to Little ATG annoyances

  1. Ronald Pulleman says:

    Preview a page after selecting a user in the ACC does not work either on Mac OS X. A browser will not open.

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